75th general meeting of the BLHRRI was held in Osaka

On 29th February 2012, the 75th general meeting of the BLHRRI was held at Liberty Osaka.

In the first part of the meeting, the plan of activities and budget for the Fiscal Year 2012 were approved. Main elements in the activities plan were 1) to start the work for transition of the BLHRRI to general incorporated organization after a revision of related law, 2) to enforce activities granted by national scientific research fund (especially, research project on condition of youth in buraku community commemorating 90th anniversary of the Zenkoku Suiheisha or National Levelers’ Association), 3) to finish the work for the establishment of a digital library on human rights, 4) to consider further development of the training and education programs including Buraku Liberation and Human Rights Training Course, 5) to consider further development of the editing and sales of the publications including “Human Rights,” and 6) to consider basic structure and functions of the organization in the future.

In the second part, Prof. Hiroyuki Fukuhara made a speech on employment and living conditions of youth in the buraku communities and job assistance for them, referring to EU policies for youth.

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