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May 31 2007

Photo Document of the Post-war 60 Years
Development of the Buraku Liberation Movement
Edited by BLHRRI \1,500   2004
The year 2005 sees the 60th anniversary of the end of the World War II, and the 50 the anniversary of the launch of the mass-movement for the elimination of Buraku discrimination in Japan This publication traces back the post-war history of Buraku liberation.
The Declaration and General Principles of the Suiheisha (Levelers Association) Edited by BLHRRI \600 2002
A leaflet containing the declaration and general principles in eight different languages.
Reality of Buraku Discrimination in JapanHistory, Situation and Challenges Edited by BLHRRI \1,500 2001
A leaflet containing information of Buraku problem from different perspectives, together with photos and statistics.
Discrimination in Japan from the Perspective of International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights Edited by BLHRRI \2,000  1993
Counter-report to the Third Periodic Report of the Japanese Government submitted to the Human Rights Committee in 1991.
Buraku Liberation News Volume II   Edited by BLHRRI \4,000 1998
Compilation of “Buraku Liberation News”No. 51 to No. 100  (1989 to 1998)
DOWA Education Edited by BLHRRI \900 1995
Introductory book of “Dowa Education” developed in Japan.
The Reality of Buraku Discrimination in Japan Edited by BLHRRI \400 1994
A leaflet briefing the whole picture of Buraku problem from the feudal era to the contemporary time.
Buraku Liberation News Volume I Edited by BLHRRI \3,000 1990
A compilation of “Buraku Liberation News”No. 1 to No. 50  (1981 to 1989)
The Literacy Work and Discrimination in Japan Edited by BLHRRI \2,000 1990
A leaflet illustrating the literacy movement in Japan. Many literacy works by those who had once been deprived of their right to education are also included.
The Second International Conference against Discrimination Edited by BLHRRI \1,500 1989
Report of the Conference held in Japan in 1988 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 
Human Rights of Minorities in Asia-Pacific Edited by BLHRRI \2,000 1989
White Paper on Human Rights in Japan Edited by BLHRRI   \2,000   1985
The United Nations, Japan and Human Rights Edited by BLHRRI   \1,600   1984
Report of the rally organized in Japan in December 1983 to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
The Road to a Discrimination Free Future Edited by BLHRRI   \1,600   1983
 Discriminated Against Minority in Japan Edited by BLHRRI     \150   1982

Long Suffering Brothers and Sisters, Unite! Edited by BLHRRI   \2,000   1980
Report of the International Human Rights Symposium in Osaka in December 1980. Discussions on Buraku problem were made from different perspectives.

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