Buraku Liberation News, March 1997 issue (N0.95)

4. Discriminatory graffiti appeared at a school in Osaka.

Discriminatory incidents recently occurred in several places near the Hinode Buraku community in Higashi Yodogawa Ward , Osaka City. In the end of 1996, discriminatory graffiti appeared at Awaji Junior High School, where children form the Hinode Buraku enrolled. After a few days of that incident, an unidentified man abused a pupil walking in the street in the community with a discriminatory word.

The Hinode Branch of the Osaka Prefectural Federation of the BLL made protest actions over the incidents, including requesting the school to strengthen the Dowa Education and demonstrating in the street.

The graffiti were written at 13 places at the school, such as on the wall of the main and north entrances, and on the ground, saying, for instance " Die, Eta (extreme filth) " in addition to derogatory words against Korean people and people with disabilities.

In another incident, a child walking on a parking lot at the Liberation Housing Complex, constructed under the Dowa measures, was called to stop by a man and was asked if he lived in that complex. When the child answered yes, he grinned to himself. Then he ran away, leaving a word " You are a Burakumin, aren't you ? "

The child was on the way to attend a regular gathering of the Hinode Children's Society on that day. He angrily reported this encounter to other members of the society, according to the Hinode Branch.

In July 1996, a discriminatory graffiti was found inside a men's restroom at Awaji station near Hinode community in the height of the O-157 epidemic, a food poisoning caused by E-coli Bacteria, which quickly spread in the Osaka district, in particular.

The graffiti said, " O-157 was generated from the blood of Buraku people, maggots, residing in the Awaji district. Therefore, kill all the Buraku people by dropping an atomic bomb on the Awaji district. " (Please see a related story in the September '96 issue of the Buraku Liberation Newa)