Buraku Liberation News, March 1998 issue (No.101)

Buraku Problem Q & A

Differences in School Enrollment

Q Please tell me about the differences in school enrollment at all levels of the people and that of Buraku people alone.

A Chart 10 illustrates the percentage of school enrollment at all levels, by age group, for the people and Buraku people alone.

It indicates that the ratio of Buraku students who go on to higher schools became higher as the national average became higher. Among those in their thirties to fifties, in particular, the ratio drastically increased.

While the upward trend of the national average of school enrollment rates for people under thirty years of age slowed down, a similar tendency is observed for that of Buraku people.

The chart clearly shows the difference between the level of school enrollment for all the youth and Buraku youth in their high teens.

It is true that the increased ratios of school enrollment guarantee the right to education, but that tendency dose not necessarily bring advancement in occupational and economic opportunities for Buraku youth.

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