Buraku Liberation News
1st Quarterly, 2005

Buraku Liberation News is a bimonthly newsletter published by the Buraku Liberation and Human Rights Research Institute since 1981.


  1. Special Rapporteur on Contemporary Forms of Racism to Make Official Visit to Japan
  2. Answers to Questions Raised by the Special Rapporteur
  3. Grasping the Reality of Today's Buraku Part 7 (final)
  4. Uragami Struggle against War, Nuclear Arms and Discrimination
  5. Two Year Sentence for Sender of Discriminatory Postcards
  6. BLHRRI to Launch the Project on "Discrimination Based on Work and Descent"

To our Readers: From the year 2005, Buraku Liberation News is publicized quarterly with this issue as the first quarterly for 2005 covering April-May-June. We hope for your continuing subscription.

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