2nd Quarterly, 2005 No.136

Sayama City Rally for the Retrial of the Sayama Case

On October 30, 2005, a rally for the retrial of the Sayama Case was organized by the BLL and other civil organizations at the former site of a primary school in Sayama City. About 3,000 people gathered for the rally from across the nation.

The Mayor of Sayama City also participated in the rally and said that the city had never forgotten the case and struggle of Mr. Ishikawa. The site was previously occupied by the primary school Mr. Ishiakwa attended during his first four years of formal education.

He had to leave the school in his fifth year to work to support his family. The rally affirmed a proposal of Mr. Matsuoka, Secretary General of the BLL, to commence a new struggle to change the judicial system, which is prone to breeding false charge. After the rally, participants staged a march to the City Hall calling for the retrial.

center: Mr. S Kumisaka, President of the BLL right: Mr. S Kamata, documentary writer Kazuo and Sachiko Ishikawa

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