4th Quarterly, 2005 No.138

A Year Book on Human Rights 2005-2006 Published

BLHRRI has just published the Year Book on Human Rights for 2005-2006. This is virtually a white paper on human rights in Japan prepared by the private sector. The year book has regularly been published by the BLHRRI since 1970.

The new edition for 2005-2006 contains special features focusing on the World Programme for Human Rights Education, the dangerous rightward tilt of Japan and the UN Decade for Education for Sustainable Development; the data, information and analysis of 2004 trends in the field of human rights including anti-discrimination and human rights protection activities, Buraku problem, judiciary, human rights and Dowa administration, human rights education, mass-media, business sector, human rights NGOs and religious sector; and related information, human rights chronology and human rights-related institutes and organizations in the appendix.

About 50 people from different sectors including professors, journalists, lawyers and human rights activists have made contributions to the year book. It consists of 354 pages. It is available at the BLHRRI at 4,000 yen per copy. If you wish to have one, please contact us.

We are sorry, but it is only available in Japanese.

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