3rd Quarterly, 2007 No.145

BLHRRI Held the 67th General Meeting

On February 25, 2008, BLHRRI held its 67th General Meeting at the Naniwa Human Rights Culture Center. Nobuaki Teraki, Executive Director of BLHRRI, gave an opening address highlighting the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN’s continued efforts to establish human rights including initiatives for the elimination of discrimination based on work and descent, which covers Buraku discrimination as well as discrimination based on caste. He emphasized the importance of BLHRRI’s continued support and collaboration in these UN programs. He stressed that the Osaka Prefectural Government’s on-going financial reform should take account of the human rights and well being of residents. BLHRRI will form a review committee to examine potential research programs and activities.

Mr. Shigeyuki Kumisaka, President of the BLL Headquarters, and Mr. Shinji Miyahana, Head of the Osaka City Human Rights Division, gave greetings as honorable guests.

At the plenary session, Kenzo Tomonaga, the Director of BLHRRI, proposed project plans for 2008 as the first resolution. He proposed 14 programs including the promotion of a draft set of principles and guidelines regarding discrimination based on work and descent developed by the UN Special Rapporteurs, continued efforts for the promotion of human rights education under the World Programme for Human Rights Education initiated by the UN and the Third Conclusion for the Teaching Guidance of Human Rights Education prepared by the Ministry of Education; and efforts for the enactment of a law for compensation for human rights violations. This was followed by the presentation of the second resolution regarding the 2008 budget, the third resolution regarding organizational structure, the forth resolution regarding BLHRRI’s 40th anniversary, and the fifth resolution regarding the annual organizational calendar (starting April and ending March).

These resolutions were approved by general consensus. To close the General Meeting, Suehiro Kitaguchi, one of the board members, made a closing address. He stated that in today’s critical conditions, it is important to make good decisions on immediate priorities given limited resources and time, and to simultaneously handle many issues effectively and consistently. As a research institute on the Buraku problem, BLHRRI has a responsibility to uncover the reality of discrimination through its activities.

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