3rd Quarterly, 2007 No.145

Campaign for the Retrial of the Sayama Case: Tokyo Rally

It has been 45 years since the occurrence of the Sayama Case in which Mr. Kazuo Ishikawa was falsely convicted for the murder of a high school student. On February 7, 2008, about 200 people gathered at a rally in Tokyo to demand a retrial and denounce the prosecutor for not disclosing evidence.

The prosecutor has stubbornly refused to disclose the evidence upon which they based their case against Mr. Ishikawa. Even today, 45 years later, mistaken arrests and false charges continue to occur. Also, daiyo-kangoku (substitute prisons at police stations), which is notorious for generating false charges, has not yet been dissolved. Participants at the rally showed their determination to continue the struggle against false charges.

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