1st Issue of 2008 No.146

BLHRRI Celebrates its 40th Anniversary

BLHRRI was founded in August 1968, 40 years ago. To commemorate the anniversary, a ceremony and reception were held on August 2, 2008 in Osaka with about 200 attendants.

At the ceremony, Mr. Shigeyuki Kumisaka, the President of BLL Central Headquarters, Mr. Masaaki Ueda, Emeritus Professor of Kyoto University, Mr. Kazuo Miwa, Vice Governor of Osaka Prefecture, Mr. Satoru Morishita, Vice Mayor of Osaka City, and Mr. Yasuji Fujiwara, Vice Mayor of Sakai City gave congratulatory messages. Professor Ueda, among others, emphasized, "As it is very difficult time for the solution of Buraku problem, the roles to be played by the BLHRRI are more expected than ever.

I would like to ask all of you here for your continued support to the BLHRRI." During the reception, Mr. Hideo Ohnishi, the Head of Osaka Liaison Conference of Corporations for Dowa and Human Rights Problems, Mr. Suehiro Kitaguchi, Chairperson of BLL Osaka, Mr. Joong-Seop Kim, Professor of Gyeongsang National University in Korea, and Toshio Choyo, the Head of Tokyo Liaison Conference of Corporations Working for Human Rights, also gave congratulation speeches.

BLHRRI expresses its most sincere thanks to all people who have supported to us, and promises that we will keep working towards the elimination of Buraku discrimination and the realization of human rights for all.

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