1st Issue of 2008 No.146

BLHRRI Holds a Symposium
"Present Day Buraku Issues - From an International Perspective"

In relation to the 40th anniversary, BLHRRI held the symposium entitled "Present Day Buraku Issues - From an International Perspective" on August 2, in the afternoon of the day when the above ceremony was held.

The symposium was held following the two days' workshop of young researchers working on Buraku issues. During the two days workshop (July 31 and Aug 1), participant researchers discussed about four topics including "the Social Mechanisms that Produce Minorities," "Changing Identities of Minorities, "The Role of the Minority Middle Class" and "Buraku Problem from the Perspectives of Gender and Multiculturalism."

They are from the USA, Philippines, India, S. Korea and Japan. Through the workshop and symposium, it has become clear to us that the multi-disciplinary approach and comparative study are much needed, so that research works on Buraku problem will be further developed and enriched. Details of the workshop will be published in a booklet later. We will inform our readers of the booklet when published.

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