Buraku Liberation News
2nd Quarterly, 2006 No.140

Buraku Liberation News is a bimonthly newsletter published by the Buraku Liberation and Human Rights Research Institute since 1981.


  1. "Electronic Versions of Buraku Lists" Retrieved
  2. Solidarity and Collaboration among Minorities
  3. Interim Report of the Civil Congress to Advocate for the Establishment of Human Rights Legal System
  4. Evolution of Dowa Education and HRE in Japan: 1990s Onward
  5. Report on the International Conference on Human Rights Education in Taiwan
  6. Researchers of Buraku Problem and Human Rights Issues Shared Results of Researches
  7. Discriminatory Messages on the Internet
  8. Essay-A Sprout Has Appeared From an Abandoned Rush-Mat
  9. The Forth Session of the Project Concerning Discrimination Based on Work and Descent

To our Readers: From the year 2005, Buraku Liberation News is publicized quarterly with this issue as the first quarterly for 2005 covering April-May-June. We hope for your continuing subscription.

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