Buraku Liberation News
3rd Quarterly, 2005 No.137

Buraku Liberation News is a bimonthly newsletter published by the Buraku Liberation and Human Rights Research Institute since 1981.


  1. "Towards the Elimination of Discrimination Based on Work and Descent"
    Osaka Rally to Celebrate the 57th Anniversary of the UDHR
  2. Thirty Years after the Emergence of the Buraku Lists Scandal
  3. 2004 Nabari City Survey Concerning Human Rights (Part II)
  4. Essay - My Youth (2)
  5. Discriminatory Inquiries into the Location of Property
  6. Osaka Appeal Calling for Eliminating "Discrimination Based on Work and Descent"
  7. Invitation for Application for the "Yasuda Literacy Funds" for Literacy Activities

To our Readers: From the year 2005, Buraku Liberation News is publicized quarterly with this issue as the first quarterly for 2005 covering April-May-June. We hope for your continuing subscription.

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